I offer first-class German legal translation services

I am an experienced provider of professional and legal German translation services. I have been  providing German legal translation services to individuals and law firms for 15+ years – from legal translation services for immigration purposes, legal translations of testaments, trusts, and wills for filing in Germany, to German translations for service of process in Germany or Austria.

Unlike most of the large commercial translation companies, I offer high-quality personalized German & English legal translations produced by a real human, fast turnaround times, and honest pricing. Ask me about high-volume translation discounts!

About Germangeek.com

German Legal Translation Services - Legal Document Translation

As a native German speaker with a degree in professional translation from the University of Toronto, I specialize in English & German legal document translation services. I translate a wide range of legal documents and materials from and into German. I have extensive experience translating all types of legal documents including:

Summons and complaints

Immigration documents
Court and witness transcripts
Legal disclaimers
Confidentiality agreements
Legal certifications and statements

Regulations and laws
Government and legal ruling reports
Letters of credit
Technical documents to support litigation efforts
Licenses translation
Expert reports translation

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German legal translation services

German Legal Translation - Guaranteed Acceptance by Government Authorities

Translating legal documents requires relevant experience regarding legal translation services. I have the qualifications and expertise needed to work with legal documents. As a German legal translator, I have both an expert knowledge of the language and understand the process of serving court documents abroad in Germany and Austria.

I guarantee my work and offer notarized certificates of accuracy with my translations.

German Legal Translation Services

I have the expertise needed to undertake the complexities of German legal translation. 

German legal translations


Large translation companies often outsource translation projects to freelancers around the world. By using a boutique translation agency, you can control who has access to your important legal documents.


My German legal translations meet the requirements of USCIS and other U.S. government authorities for "certified translations."

Child Support

Certified translation of child support orders and settlements in German and English.


I offer German translation services for adoptions and surrogacy agreements.

International Service

I have translated legal documents for service in Germany and Austria under the Hague Convention. My certified and notarized translations are accepted by German and Austrian central service authorities.

Family Law German Translations

I have translated hundreds of German divorce decrees for courts filings and recognition in the United States. My certified and notarized translations were always accepted by U.S. courts.

Wealth Protection

I offer legal translation services for prenuptial agreements and financial planning.

Estate Planning

Certified German legal translation of foreign wills and trusts.

What My Clients Say

I believe that the strongest proof I can present of me delivering on my service promises, is that real customers are willing to share positive words with others. I have a 5-star rating on Google business and take pride in my work. I value long-term relationships with my customers and believe that my customers’ satisfaction is significantly linked to my success. 

Great fast service. I needed an official document translated pretty quick and found Annika on google. I reached out to her and she immediately came back to me with a quote. The next day the job was done and I had the PDF in my mailbox. Thank you Annika.


I contacted Annika for a short translation and all my interactions with her were absolutely perfect. She was very professional, answered all my messages very promptly, was fairly priced and had a very quick turnaround for her work. I truly recommend her to anyone.

New York

The best choice. I searched various translators and services before choosing and I am very pleased with my choice. Annika is very professional, always communicates rapidly, has very reasonable rates and delivers quality certified work. I highly recommend her services to anyone.



My translations of official documents are notarized and accompanied by a sworn certificate of translation accuracy at no additional charge.


My sworn German/English translations are accepted by USCIS, U.S. courts, Secretaries and Department of State, professional organizations, mortgage companies, banks. U.S. colleges, professional credential evaluation services, employers and other government, academic, and private institutions.


Sworn, certified, and notarized translations of official documents:


$45.00 per page

Sworn (notarized) certification included

24-hour turnaround – At no additional cost (1-3 pages)

Hard copy included – No hidden fees, no gimmicks!

. . . or email me directly at info@germangeek.com